The great example of a militarian regime building a better future

Korean economic miracle 1961–1987

Seoul, Nowadays


Growth of the venture capital market and skyrocketed valuations

New leaders

the power of one

Is it possible to purchase a share in a large-cap private company for retail investors?

Accredited investors


Democratisation of the private equity market is going to disrupt the industry


proptech investments

Private equity taking over the mortgage market

Company overview


Private equity companies from Silicon Valley and New York with the most potential to grow

Digital Ocean

Battle, not a war

How Pavel Durov hitting on SEC and is there a bright future for the TON

What a beauty

Successful adoption of MLM and beauty marketing strategies in the cryptocurrency market

Celtic Tiger

At the turn of the 1990s and 2000s, Ireland was able to carry out a phenomenal modernisation of its economy

Should crypto space adopt a temporary halt in trading mechanism during the massive sell-off?

Petr Vysotskiy

Blockchain, economics and politics enthusiast.

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