United States failure or ethnos history?

Several days have passed since the moment when the Taliban took control over the entire territory of Afghanistan. World community is discussing the current event in every possible way, but the prevailing opinion is that it was the largest geopolitical defeat for the United States in recent years.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Indeed, the…

As a great way to diversify your private equity portfolio

As in any other investment, Private Equity also needs diversification. When a venture fund creates a portfolio it tries to capture as many industries as possible in order to lower the risks. For example, if you choose to invest solely in fintech, there is a high risk of international regulation…

The battleground for neobanks is heating up

Neobanks are booming today due to high consumer demand for more accessible and more efficient ways to manage money. Neobanks are digital-only banks with no physical branches. This business model allows companies to offer personal finance management features, low rates, and superior user experiences. …

Petr Vysotskiy

Blockchain, economics and politics enthusiast.

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